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The Era of Progressive Web Applications and Online Businesses

In this blog we show you some of the technology we use to help our clients transform their business and dominate competition.

What are Progressive Web Applications?

Progressive Web Applications, PWAs for short are the latest phenomenon in the world of applications. Companies and small businesses around the world are modernizing their websites and adapting to new user expectations with PWAs right now. But, it’s not just about the rush, it’s about the benefits. PWAs combine the best of mobile apps and websites to deliver fast, engaging, and more reliable experiences for customers and businesses worldwide. They use the latest technologies to give users advanced browsing opportunities that enrich their experience with the brand.

Sound fancy yet? Well these applications also have a lot of functionalities and features that we can go on about for hours but to save you the time, we will go over few key features that we think you might wanna stick around for.

What we have seen from experience and research is that users hate delays. No one wants to dedicate all their time to a slow loading website. Just like no one wants to download an app that takes up valuable storage on their smartphone when they can have the same experience online. Users enjoy engaging websites that articulate the brand values and identity for the businesses they visit. These experiences are amazing on mobile apps. So why not provide the same mobile app experience to users all from just a URL without any downloads? Well, in a very abstract definition, PWAs are fast, engaging, installable, and reliable applications that live in the browser.

PWAs must have a responsive design that can fit into every display size so you can be sure the experience can be equally amazing on all your visitor’s devices.

Does this matter to me?

If you own a small business and looking for the best way to make your services readily available for your customers, you may be wondering whether you should opt for a progressive web app. In this article, we will discuss how progressive web application work and how they can be of benefit to you over a regular website.

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Will my business benefit from these “Progressive Web Apps”?

Are you wondering if a progressive web app is right for you? Well our answer to that is surprising…probably not. There are a lot of businesses who still have no idea what PWAs are (not you though) and have regular websites which is totally okay.

These apps are strictly for business owners who understand the value of modern technology and the impact it has in today’s business growth. We recommend these rich experiences for our clients who are looking to grow, expand or innovate their business beyond what is currently being offered. If that sounds like a goal you want to accomplish for your business, then a Progressive web app built specifically for your business needs should be something to consider.

Your Competition Who?

Although PWAs run on web technologies such as Html, Css, and Javascript, they will outperform any regular website due to their nature of raw power and strategically planned architecture. As previously mentioned all these factors highly contribute to the user experience, so not only will they outperform in speed and functionality but also in the Google Search bar. PWAs are being used by Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Uber, and all the tech giants.

Offline Usage

One feature of a PWA is that you can access information without being connected to the internet. PWAs can run internet-free. Normal websites on the other hand can’t be accessed without a good internet connection.

Native App Feel

PWAs work like normal apps. Built with modern design techniques, PWAs provide users with the same quality experience as native apps, therefore information is stored easily to be accessed anytime and anywhere.

High Security

Progressive web applications are protected with HTTPS protocol to keep the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data safe. A web app has a more intimate user experience, so it is reinforced with high security to ensure that all user data is kept safe at all times.


These apps are very easy to share. You can easily direct anyone in the world to view your PWA simply by sharing the URL link from the browser.


You can add a PWA directly to your home screen without visiting your app store by clicking “Add to Home Screen” directly from your mobile phone browser. This feature keeps users up to date on the latest information about your business via push notifications and instant access to the app. PWAs usually take less than 1MB, making life easy for all. Try it right now!

This is a trendsetting technology that we believe businesses should leverage right now. Whether PWAs are the right move for your business, feel free to contact us for a FREE consultation to see if we can be of help for your next project.

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